A life-changing device,
now free for Veterans with Parkinson’s

The first NexStride was designed for a local veteran

The first NexStride was designed for a local veteran – and good friend – who endured daily freezing episodes as a result of Parkinson’s Disease. Once assembled, our prototype proved to give him much needed relief.

After seeing the profound impact NexStride has had on people with Parkinson’s, the VA has onboarded NexStride as an authorized vendor. Veterans everywhere are now empowered to regain their freedom to move independently, at no cost to them.

The team at De Oro Devices has spent countless hours researching and refining NexStride so it is intuitive to use and blends seamlessly into daily life, ensuring optimal impact with minimal intrusion. From a recent survey of NexStride users:

How NexStride Helps

Report increased confidence while walking when using the NexStride
Report that using the NexStride has increased their general mobility
Report that using the NexStride has decreased their fear of falling
Report that they are walking more since using the NexStride

Reclaim Your Independence In 3 Easy Steps

1. Find your local VA facility

2. Request a NexStride from VA staff

3. Wait for your confirmation email

Have questions or need assistance? We’re available!