Stories From the NexStride Community

Hear how NexStride has made a difference for our customers, in their words.

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Bob has struggled with Freezing of Gait for many years, as a result of Parkinson’s. Watch, as he tries out his brand new NexStride for the first time.


NexStride gives me that ability to take the next step and get moving again. It gets you going and keeps you going. I use the metronome feature, and all of a sudden, I’m walking.

It’s really amazing how that works for me.

— John P.


My wife hops up and is ready to go with NexStride.

Before she would freeze up, get the walker out in front of her, and she would fall down.

She has zero falls with NexStride!

— Roger M.


Tonight I walked into the parish hall, to our table laser-assisted.

After dinner I walked out to the car. About 100 feet each way!!!

That is the first time I have been able to do that in a year!!!

— Erick S.


NexStride gives me a sense of freedom, I’m not waiting around the house for my wife to come help me.  That’s been a big change for me.

If I want to go into another room, I’m not waiting, I can get up and go do it. 

— Glenn M.


I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things I want to do without NexStride…  it comes down to either being in a wheelchair or using NexStride.

The NexStride allows me to move to places I wouldn’t be able to without it.

— Walter D.


The first time I used NexStride, it was amazing.

The laser light went on and it was like a ‘go’ signal – I just stepped over it.

Your independence is back.  A little bit back… but it’s back!

— Earl S.


NexStride really gives me a lot of confidence. 

I took a walk on the beach, and I could set this consistent speed with my stride, with the metronome sound, and it was delightful.

— Barbara K.


To go out to eat, to get out into nature, to just engage with the world… is a little easier now.

— Devin K.


Before NexStride, I stopped walking because I was afraid to fall.  With NexStride, I got my confidence back. 

It’s given me another way to live and such a sense of freedom… real freedom.

— Sandy S.


I forwarded the NextStride link to my son-in-law who is a Physical Therapist at the Boise Idaho VA Hospital. He gave me the thumbs up to purchase, and was excited to see me using it when I was visiting them soon after I received it. I demonstrate it to everyone in Boise, Idaho that sees me use it and asks about it.

— Kay G.


I’m really happy that when he’s walking with it, his stride is better.  The controls, especially for the metronome, are really easy to use. 

I’ve just been really happy with it.

— Alice M.


I even encountered a small group of people wanting to see a demonstration. Everybody who came up to me can understand or has a relative stricken with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. It has a useful application which everyone can relate to.

— Blake W.

The combination of urban poles and NexStride technology enables me to overcome my severe freezing issues thus liberating me to return to my numerous previously abandoned activities such as hiking and fly fishing.

I took my NexStride to Oregon where I was having the most problems with fly fishing and hiking. And boy, it was like a miracle!  You can see the change in the videos I sent.  All of a sudden, I was able to go up paths that I was too scared to try, but I was just going like a little motorman with the NexStride.

~ John P


The NexStride is working beautifully. She uses the word ‘amazing’. She is moving about as she hasn’t for a long time.

I would describe it as transformative for us.

— Thomas B.


It’s a tremendous aid when I start to freeze up. The  laser light gives me a target for my first step and makes walking so much easier. 

This unit is a must for people with Parkinson’s.

— Cal A.


It is an absolute miracle how it helps with FoG. I took it to San Diego with me for Thanksgiving, showed it to all my friends, who are amazed at how it helps me! Thank you again for all your help in securing this wonderful invention for Parkinson’s.

— Alane B.


I ordered the NexStride device to be sent to a friend in Dallas who is in her early 80’s and having serious trouble with freezing and falling. She lives alone.  She texted me that “a little green light went on and my feet moved! It was a miracle!” Wonderful!

Valerie F.


I love this device. It has done wonders for me. I am able to walk or take my dog for walks, I’m able to get out and go shopping, grocery shopping for my wife — just do different things like that.

—  Patrick H.


NexStride was phenomenal for my husband – the way he could walk with it – and wanted me to thank the team who brought it to market.  So I am passing on the thank you to you all.

— Annie C.


So far this has been the best thing my mom has used in the market.

She is seeing some substantial progress in her falling with this item.

— Pat C.


Soon, my ability to take a step was diminished.

Once I put the NexStride on my cane, taking a step over the green laser was easy!

Jack W.


It was an exciting and hope filled day when the NexStride arrived. I had been having difficulty getting up to walk, difficulty with walking smoothly, and freeze-ups at doorways, and transfers away from the walker, to sit on a chair or my bed, or to go into the bathroom. The NexStride has helped greatly with almost all these problems.

While I still have trouble going from sitting to standing, my gait is much smoother, freeze ups are much less frequent, and transfers from the walker to the bed and bathroom are much easier thanks to the NexStride. The metronome sound has helped me to pace myself more naturally in walking and the laser has helped me to focus on the path ahead without thinking about how much difficulty I am having with my walking problems. And amazingly, this is after only one week with NexStride.

— Dana O.


Sal is doing much better with the help of the next stride. He’s not walking hunched over, he takes his time, he hasn’t been falling and he kind of depends on it. There’s a big difference in him using that and walking now, than he was in the past just with the regular walker.

— Jude K.


This is an incredible device. Right off the bat it showed me that I wasn’t leaning or shifting enough weight to my affected side. That was something that I learned in the beginning of rehab, switching weight from left to right. I’ll get it, I know.

— Cutter J., stroke recovery


 I am delighted with the ease of operation and the improvement in my walking. 

My physical therapist is amazed with my progress, and with the device itself.

— Joan H.


NexStride keeps me active even when there is snow on the ground.

— Drew S.


I went to a Billy Joel concert last week…

I couldn’t have done that without NexStride.

David H.

Reviews from Physical Therapists Using NexStride


She had a car wreck. She couldn’t weight bear for months, so we are now working on learning to walk again. The NexStride has been very helpful, helping her to see where she should be stepping!

— Alaina Fox, PT at VUMC


The patient has seen a regression in his symptoms prior to hospitalization, and using the NextStride attached to his walker has made the biggest difference in his gait mechanics, and has maximized his ability to ambulation.

— Amber Stratz, PT at NYC Hospitals + Health/Bellevue


The rehab facility in which I work has been using NexStride with our stroke patients. We have seen significant improvements in their gait pattern…We also have seen improvements carried over when we don’t use NexStride in subsequent sessions.

— Marissa Cummo, DPT, PT at NYC Hospitals + Health/Bellevue


Both myself and my patients have found it of significant benefit regarding 1) improving stride length, 2) reducing frequency of shuffling, 3) improving toe clearance, and 4) providing both a visual and mental stimulus to restore a more normal gait pattern.

— Mark Medcalf, PT Seven Oaks Physical Therapy


With the use of the NexStride I can focus on giving support to the patient! The NexStride gives that visual and auditory cueing for step length and cadence that improves my ability to give the tactile cues and physical support for gait training. In addition to how effective this is as a therapy training tool, the patient could continue to use it at home thus improving safe ambulation and reducing fall risk as well.

— Kelli Trent, DPT, Vice President of Operations at Bassett PT


NexStride enables a person to get back into the community without the use of another person verbally or tactile cueing them  when they freeze or festinate. The use of laser enables us to focus their visual cue in their line of sight whether it be from a stooped position , leaning ipsilaterally or standing upright. We’re able to customize their cue horizontally or vertically and add the metronome to keep continuous steps. The best part is we are able to place NexStride on their least restrictive device for ambulation.

— Sherry Vigliotti, COTA/L, Parkinson’s Disease Program Director at Oasis Rehabilitation & Nursing


It was easy to attach the device to different assistive devices, for example my patient who was in between using a walker and a cane. I could see this device being helpful for anyone who struggles with sequencing issues such as those just starting with using a cane or a walker.

— Amber Bentley, PT, DPT


Other devices with similar visual cueing are not nearly as portable.. A large majority of post-stroke patients depend on devices with unilateral upper extremity and cannot effectively use U-Step styled walkers. NexStride can be attached on a hemi-walker, quad cane or single point cane to cue. It’s hugely beneficial for patients to train with this device in clinic and then be able to carry over training to their home and community with same consistent step length, width & midline position.


The NexStride cueing device has clear added benefit for patients with gait disorders diagnosed with Parkinson’s, as well as stroke, vestibular dysfunction, brain injury and a range of other conditions. NexStride is nice in that it’s easily accessible, easy for them to turn on and off, and it’s right there when they need it. It can help them not freeze, stop a freeze or get out of a freeze. NexStride can give people back their mobility and their life, essentially, and keep them active, which is a key part of managing their symptoms of Parkinson’s, to stay as active as possible, as safely as possible.
— Maria Allen, PT at Central Coast Home Health &
Coordinator Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Program


It was easy to attach the device to different assistive devices, for example my patient who was in between using a walker and a cane. I could see this device being helpful for anyone who struggles with sequencing issues such as those just starting with using a cane or a walker.

— Erin McMullen, PT, DPT at Northwest Rehab Associates