How NexStride Works

NexStride helps to re-establish the connection between your brain and body, using adjustable light and sound sensory signals as effective cues to get you moving confidently again.

When the Brain and the Body Can’t Connect

Your body’s ability to move is initiated by your brain.  The brain formulates the signal to begin walking, or move your arm, and then sends it down a neural pathway through your nervous system to the part of your body that your brain is telling to move.

Normally, the body receives that signal and responds with the movement you want.  The brain chooses the neural pathway it needs to send the message further down the body, and it just happens.  You don’t have to consciously tell your body to start walking, it’s automatic.

If your brain experiences some damage in critical areas, those automatic signals can have difficulty getting through.  Conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Huntington’s can result in a slow degeneration of the neural pathways that the brainwaves rely on to communicate with the body.

Damage to those pathways can also result from sudden head trauma, damage to the spinal cord, or a stroke.

If your brain’s automatic signals cannot reliably and consistently reach your body, the ability to move as you have been used to is interrupted.  You might experience changes in gait, such as shorter strides, shuffling, uneven gait, and loss of balance, all the way through to complete freezing, when your body simply won’t move.

NexStride Switches You to ‘Move’ Mode

NexStride allows your brain and your body to reconnect — to successfully transmit movement commands to the body, and translate those commands into action.

Using specific visual and audio cues, NexStride allows the brain to switch from automatic commands to intention-based, or goal-oriented, commands.

It’s long been known that cueing like this lets the brain form intentions, and that these intention commands use alternate, functioning neural pathways to send movement messages down to your body.

The instant those messages reach their target, your body’s nervous system responds with the expected movement.


NexStride’s cues are so effective that they can even help to break complete freezes, where your feet feel like they’re stuck in concrete and simply won’t move. 

These cues can get you moving — and keep you moving — taking longer strides, walking faster and more steadily. Simply put, NexStride gives you back your independence, letting you move confidently again.

See it for Yourself

Decades of rigorously proven research.  Perfected in one compact device.  Watch NexStride in action, in this short video.

Real World Results

There are over 100 research papers written about how effective cueing is at helping with movement and walking. But what really matters is the impact NexStride has on people’s lives. We surveyed people who had been using NexStride for over a month, and here’s what they said.

93% reported more confidence when walking.

86% reported greater overall mobility.

75% reported decreased fear of falling.


NexStride gives me that ability to take the next step and get moving again. It gets you going and keeps you going. I use the metronome feature, and all of a sudden, I’m walking.

It’s really amazing how that works for me.

— John Pistacchi


NexStride gives me a sense of freedom, I’m not waiting around the house for my wife to come help me.  That’s been a big change for me.

If I want to go into another room, I’m not waiting, I can get up and go do it. 

— Glenn Morgan


Tonight I walked into the parish hall, to our table laser-assisted.

After dinner I walked out to the car. About 100 steps each way!!!

That is the first time I have been able to do that in a year!!!

— Erick Sherman


My wife hops up and is ready to go with NexStride.

Before she would freeze up, get the walker out in front of her, and she would fall down.

She has zero falls with NexStride!

— Roger McBride

30 Day Money Back Guarantees

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Buy with confidence with our money-back guarantee and one year product warranty.  You can return NexStride for any reason, in original condition, within 30 days. We’ll even pay for shipping both ways.