Improved Walking, Reduced Falling

Get the compact, life-changing device that lets you overcome walking problems, and get moving confidently again.


“It’s given me another way to live, and such a sense of freedom… real freedom.”
— Sandy S

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Put Freedom and Independence at Your Fingertips

Watch: Walter Dixon talks about how NexStride changed his life.

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Does walking safely feel like a challenge? Or, sometimes even seem impossible?   Do you use a walker, cane or walking poles to help you keep your balance and move around? Do you shuffle, drag your feet or worry about falling?  Do you experience freezing, where your brain is saying “go” and your body just says “no”?

You’re not alone.  And, there is an answer.

Introducing NexStride

NexStride is an advanced neurological cueing device that gets you up and moving faster, and keeps you moving for longer.  With NexStride, you can get back to walking with confidence, taking longer steps, and walking further and faster.

Now, you can overcome the frustration of struggling to walk, take back your independence, and get back to enjoying life!

Walter D — back in the great outdoors thanks to NexStride


“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things I want to do without NexStride. It comes down to either being in a wheelchair or using NexStride. It allows me to move to places I wouldn’t be able to without it.”

– Walter D.

NexStride testimonial - Barbara K


“NexStride really gives me a lot of confidence. 

I took a walk on the beach, and I could set this consistent speed with my stride, with the metronome sound.  It was delightful.”

– Barbara K.

NexStride testimonial - Earl S


“The first time I used NexStride, it was amazing. The laser light went on and it was like a ‘go’ signal – I just stepped over it.

Your independence is back.  A little bit back… but it’s back!”

– Earl S.

NexStride customer testimonial - John P


“NexStride gives me that ability to take the next step and get moving again. It gets you going and keeps you going. I use the metronome feature, and all of a sudden, I’m walking. It’s amazing how it works for me.”

– John P.

NexStride Switches You to ‘Move’ Mode

Here’s the secret.

When the brain and the body work together normally, your brain tells you to move, and your body responds.  That’s because there’s a clear pathway for the message to get from the brain to the body.

When those normal pathways are no longer available, NexStride lets you tap into the brain’s ability to find another way to get the message through.

It’s triggered by a technique called cueing.

When you see or hear an external cue, you can use it as a goal. For example, trying to step over a line, or step to the beat of a metronome or song activates the goal-oriented part of the brain, and allows the message to reach the body through a different pathway.

The Most Effective Cues, in One Compact Device

NexStride combines the two most effective visual and sound cues, and lets you activate them whenever, and wherever you need them.

The auditory cue is a metronome.  Its beat lets the brain form the intention to move in time with it, rather than simply  walking, letting you keep a consistent walking speed

The visual cue is a green laser line, which is projected on the ground, just ahead of the feet.  This creates the goal of stepping over or past the line, instead of simply moving forward, and allows you to keep a long, symmetrical step length.

Making NexStride Work for You

“It’s like flipping a switch on, and I can move again.”

To use NexStride, you simply attach it to your walker, rollator, cane or walking pole.

With the controller at your fingertips, activate one or both cues when you need them.

You touch a button, and your brain does the rest.

You can use NexStride anywhere you go, as often as you need it — people will tell you it’s just as effective at home as in physical therapy sessions.

Making NexStride work for you

What Does NexStride Help with?

NexStride puts you in control of the movement challenges you’re facing.

Difficulty or inability to start walking

Loss of balance

Tendency to fall, when getting up or moving

Difficulty turning

Freezing, where your feet simply won’t move

Uneven or unbalanced step length

Slow or shuffling steps

Short strides that get faster

A neurological condition such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or Huntington’s disease

Relearning to walk confidently after a sudden event such as a stroke, or a head injury

Regain your confidence. Take back your independence.

How does NexStride fit into your daily life?

It goes where you go
NexStride easily attaches to a wide variety of walking aids, and can be transferred from one to another.

It puts you in control
NexStride is uniquely customizable, allowing you to adjust the cues so they work best for you.

It lets you make plans, and enjoy them
NexStride’s battery gives you up to 8 hours of continuous use, and is quick and easy to recharge.

It’s easy to use
Once attached, NexStride’s cues are activated by the touch of buttons, which sit at your fingertips.

It’s discreet
NexStride is small, and fits unobtrusively onto canes, walkers and poles, right next to your hand.

It gives you confidence
Volume and laser positioning adjustments allow you to keep moving, and turning, anywhere.

Getting Started With NexStride

  1. Attach.
    Follow the enclosed instructions to fasten NexStride to your walking frame, walker, walking stick or walking poles, so the control buttons are at your fingertips.
  2. Set.
    Position the green laser so it’s perfect for your stride length, balance and posture.  Adjust the metronome volume and tempo to match your ideal pace.
  3. Go.
    Press the buttons to activate either the visual or the auditory cue, or both, whenever you need them to begin walking, or to maintain your stride.

NexStride changes lives.  Now, it can change yours too.

Free shipping.  One year warranty.  Money back guarantee. 

We’ve taken all of the risk out of trying NexStride with our 30-day money back guarantee.  That’s right — you can return your NexStride to us in original condition within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money, with no questions asked.  We’ll even cover your postage, both ways.

Get NexStride —  risk free — today👇

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