Overcome Parkinson's Freezing of Gait,
One Step at a Time.

Get the effective, unobtrusive device that helps people with Parkinson’s to minimize, overcome, and prevent frustrating and debilitating freezing episodes.

NexStride discreetly fastens to your cane, walker or walking poles. Its uniquely combined audio and visual cues let you break free of Parkinson's freezing, and start walking again. 

Change Your Life With NexStride

Get Your Confidence Back

100% of people using NexStride have more confidence while walking.

Become More

95% say that using the NexStride has improved their general mobility.

Stop Worrying About Falling

94% agree that using NexStride has eased their fear of falling.

Combat Symptoms With Exercise

63% report that they exercise more since receiving their NexStride.

Parkinson’s Freezing of Gait Results from a Disconnect Between the Brain and the Body

Freezing of gait is the inability to take the next step due to a damaged neural pathway that carries out brain-to-body communication. Those living with Parkinson's describe feeling as if their feet are glued to the floor or planted in boxes of concrete. Freezing can manifest as trembling, shuffling of feet, or a complete inability to move and drastically increases the likelihood of a fall or injury among people with Parkinson's. 


Profoundly Effective Sensory Cues Help to Re-establish Neural Connections

The effect of sensory cues, and their ability to positively impact freezing episodes by re-establishing the connection between the brain and the body, has been studied since 1990. NexStride combines the most effective visual and audio cues in one compact device. Attach a NexStride to your favorite cane, walker, or walking poles to discreetly and unobtrusively help reduce the duration and frequency of freezing episodes. 

NexStride Helps Get You Moving

A small device with massive power, NexStride, is the first multi-cue daily assist mobility device that attaches to any standard cane, walker, or walking pole. NexStride's power lies its ability to adjust to personal preferences. It enables individuals to find and set a comfortable pace and make quick and easy adjustments as they see fit.


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Video Item

Relief With No Strings Attached

By choosing NexStride you're choosing safety – in more ways than one. With each order comes a full 30-day money back guarantee. If the NexStride isn't quite what you expected, simply request a return within 30 days for a prepaid shipping label and your money back.

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NexStride can give you back your mobility, and help you to stay active. Staying as active as possible is crucial for managing Parkinson's Disease, and its symptoms, including Parkinsonian gait.

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