Overcome Parkinson’s Freezing of Gait, One Step at a Time.

Get the effective, unobtrusive device that helps people with Parkinson’s to minimize, overcome, and prevent frustrating and debilitating freezing episodes.

NexStride fastens unobtrusively to your cane, walker or walking poles. Its uniquely combined audio and visual cues let you break free of Parkinson's freezing, and start walking again.

6 Reasons to Purchase NexStride

Freeze Less Frequently

Using NexStride’s continuous audio and visual cues has been shown to result in 43% fewer freezing episodes.1

Freeze For Less Time

NexStride’s on-demand audio and visual cues have been shown to reduce the average duration of Parkinson’s freezing episodes by 69%.1

Fall Less Often

Using NexStride’s visual cues has been shown to result in a 40% reduction in falls among people with Parkinson's.2

Increase Walking Speed

Combining audio and visual cues helps people with Parkinson's comfortably and confidently increase their pace.

Improve Quality of Life

Increased control of motor functions improves mobility as well as reducing fear of freezing and likelihood of falling.

Increase Independence

Improve the ability to move from place to place unassisted, and perform tasks that were once taken for granted.

NexStride helps you get moving

A small device with massive power, NexStride, is the first multi-cue daily assist mobility device that attaches to any standard cane, walker, or walking pole. The power of NexStride lies in the device working according to persons’ personal preferences. Its customizable design seamlessly integrates into any cane, walker, or walking poles.


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Video Item

Parkinson’s Freezing of Gait Results from a Disconnect Between the Brain and the Body

Freezing of gait is the inability to take the next step. Those living with Parkinson’s describe it as feeling like their feet are glued to the floor. Freezing can manifest as trembling, shuffling of feet, or a complete inability to move at all. Freezing is a leading cause of falls, often resulting in injury and hospitalization, in people with Parkinson's Disease.


Profoundly Effective Sensory Cues Help to Re-establish Neural Connections

The effect of sensory cues, and their ability to positively impact freezing episodes by re-establishing the connection between the brain and the body, has been studied since 1990. NexStride combines the most effective visual and audio cues in one compact device. NexStride attaches to your cane, walker, or walking poles to discreetly and unobtrusively help reduce the duration and frequency of freezing episodes.

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NexStride can give you back your mobility, and help you to stay active. Staying as active as possible is crucial for managing Parkinson's Disease, and its symptoms, including Parkinsonian gait.

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