Walking Assist Device

NexStride gives you the confidence and ability to get around like you used to. Attached to your walker, cane or walking poles, NexStride is a small device that provides adjustable light and sound signals that help you walk better and live well.

30-day money-back guarantee

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NexStride Gets You Moving

Restore Brain Body Connection

You fall because the connection between your brain and body doesn’t work like it used to. NexStride uses light and sound signals to “rewire” your brain-body connection, so you can walk with confidence again.

Elderly man with a cane at the Vegas Golden Knights store
Elderly couple on a hike

Regain Your Independence

Don’t let instability, unsteadiness or fear strip you of your independence. NexStride will coach you to walk better and will be there when you need it, “lighting” the way back to a more independent life. [It may sound impossible, but getting back to your prior level of function has been done by people like you when they started using NexStride!]

Reduce Your Risk of Falling

It is common to feel fear after a fall. You may go from participating in your normal activities to being limited or dependent on others. NexStride goes with you on your walker, cane or walking poles and is available with the touch of a button to help your brain and body stay connected and reduce the risk of falling.

Elderly woman using NexStride


“I just wanted to let you know how much I love my NexStride! It has saved me numerous times from falling, I just can’t tell you! I am stuck in the hallway at home unable to move until I turn on my ‘clicker’ and off I go!”
– Pat Grisetti

How NexStride Works

Audible Metronome

Audible Metronome

NexStride’s metronome emits an audible signal, engaging a different pathway in your brain to enable you to move forward.

Visual Laser

Visual Laser Line

In addition to audible external signaling, NexStride uses visual external signaling by way of a laser signal that shows you where to step, giving your brain a target to focus on and a new way to engage with the body (this can also help correct stride issues). 

Attachable to any cane

Attachable to Any Cane, Walker, or Trekking Poles

NexStride was designed to be easily attached to almost any assistive walking device. Attach it to your cane, walker, or trekking poles, and watch yourself move…(It may seem miraculous, but it’s all science!)

Who Is NexStride For?

Anyone with mobility challenges experiencing things like shuffling, freezing, and falling
People with Parkinson’s who experience walking and moving challenges
People in recovery from a Stroke
People with cerebral palsy facing mobility challenges
People with Multiple sclerosis (MS) facing mobility challenges
Before NexStrideAfter NexStride
Unable to walk to the bathroom due to Freezing of Gait (an inability to take steps despite wanting to do so)

Improved ability to take large steps more consistently.

Prevent freezing with the continuous signals option.

Recover from freezing more easily with the on-demand signals option.

Scissoring gait (unintentionally crossing feet while walking)Improved symmetry of walking without scissoring
Unable to walk without shuffling (slow steps where you are dragging your feet without fully lifting them off the ground)

Improved ability to pick up feet while walking

Preventing tripping over uneven surfaces like rugs, etc.

Unable to turn safelyImproved ability to negotiate/coordinate turns with confidence, speed, and safety
Increased Loss of BalanceImproved walking mechanics associated with less falls
Fear of fallingConfident with walking and willing to navigate more challenging obstacles like ramps, stairs, curbs, walking in snow/sand, hiking, etc.


NexStride User Testimonials

See how NexStride has transformed people’s lives

Walter D — back in the great outdoors thanks to NexStride


“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things I want to do without NexStride. It comes down to either being in a wheelchair or using NexStride. It allows me to move to places I wouldn’t be able to without it.”

Walter D.

NexStride testimonial - Barbara K


“NexStride really gives me a lot of confidence.
I took a walk on the beach, and I could set this consistent speed with my stride, with the metronome sound. It was delightful.”

Barbara K.

NexStride testimonial - Earl S


The first time I used NexStride, it was amazing. The laser light went on and it was like a ‘go’ signal – I just stepped over it.
Your independence is back. A little bit back… but it’s back!”

Earl S.

Experience a Renewed Freedom of Movement

30-days money-back guarantee

Getting Started with NexStride is Easy


Attach to Your Cane, Walker, or Trekking Poles

The NexStride is also easily transferable from one type of assistive device to another:

NexStride attached to a cane
Step Easier with NexStride


Step Easier with NexStride

You can use the NexStride on-demand (by pressing the controller during an episode of freezing) or continuously to prevent walking difficulties. Start by choosing one of the types of signals (either the laser light or the metronome beeping):

  • If you start with the laser light, see if you can start walking with larger steps with the goal of stepping over or toward the laser light.
  • If you start with the metronome, see if you can take each step to the sound of the beeping.

Watch our training videos and take your first few steps with NexStride:

All the Support you Need

  1. Free Phone Consultation: Call 805-779-3558 to determine if NexStride is right for you.
  2. Training Videos: Practice different mobility techniques along with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to learn how to move better with your NexStride.
  3. Ongoing Phone Support: Connect with the NexStride team via phone at 805-779-3558 for ongoing support from set-up to use

How NexStride Empowers You to Live the Life You Want

Rediscover Abandoned Activities

Did you forgo activities like hiking or traveling due to fear of falling? With NexStride attached to your trekking poles or other assistive device, you can feel confident navigating more difficult terrain. The metronome keeps you in a steady rhythm, and the laser line helps you achieve proper steps.

Elderly man with a cane on a scenic hike
Elderly man with a cane hugging someone at his front door

Perform Daily Tasks with Ease

Use NexStride in your home to help you navigate from room to room, walk to the bathroom, and answer the door with ease.

Speed-Up Your Recovery

You can also use NexStride in your physical therapy sessions to help train your brain and body on how to walk with improved technique.

Using NexStride to cue a Parkinson's patient in physical therapy


“The Nexstride was suggested by our Doctor and has been a game changer. The bright green light allows him to change his focus and move forward… NexStride now helps [keep] him moving independently and [allows] him to continue to be involved with his family, church and first love of farming.”
– Raynel Schallert

Start Walking with Confidence & Independence

30-day money-back guarantee

NexStride: Born from A Friendship Between a Biomedical Engineer and A Veteran

Jack Brill, an American veteran with Parkinson’s Disease, had used external signals in his physical therapy sessions and found them to be extremely helpful in conquering his walking difficulties. Sidney Collin, a biomedical engineer, met Jack and wanted to help make these signals accessible to him in his home. The two came together to brainstorm solutions, and the NexStride was born.

NexStride: Born from A Friendship

NexStride Puts Evidence in Motion

NYC Health

NexStride’s effectiveness has been validated in clinical case studies with Vanderbilt, Belleview Hospital, RiverSpring Living, and Paragon SNF.

View Case Studies


NexStride’s external signals are backed by over 100 published research articles and are trusted as a standard of care in physical therapy.

View Research Papers


Learn more about how NexStride can address different walking challenges resulting from diagnoses like Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Watch Educational Webinars

Physical Therapists Recommend NexStride

Reviews from physical therapists

Maria Allen


“The NexStride cueing device has clear added benefit for patients with gait disorders diagnosed with Parkinson’s, as well as stroke, vestibular dysfunction, brain injury and a range of other conditions.”

Maria Allen (Click to watch a video testimonial),
Physical Therapist, Central Coast Home Health & Coordinator Parkinson’s Wellness Program



“Both myself and my patients have found it of significant benefit regarding 1) improving stride length, 2) reducing frequency of shuffling, 3) improving toe clearance, and 4) providing both a visual and mental stimulus to restore a more normal gait pattern”

Mark Medcalf,
Physical Therapist, Seven Oaks Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

NexStride allows your brain and your body to reconnect — to successfully transmit movement commands to the body, and translate those commands into action. Using specific visual and audio cues, NexStride allows the brain to switch from automatic commands to intention-based, or goal-oriented, commands.It’s long been known that cueing like this lets the brain form intentions, and that these intention commands use alternate, functioning neural pathways to send movement messages down to your body.The instant those messages reach their target, your body’s nervous system responds with the expected movement.

Will Nexstride help my specific situation?

Chat with a specialist using the chat feature of our website to learn if Nexstride is right for you.

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer phone and email support as well a step-by-step user guide, free educational webinars and online resources. Every purchase includes a  30-day money-back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

Can I use this device in my physical therapy sessions?

Each provider is different. Talk to your physical therapist to understand how NexStride can compliment your current care plan.

Move Confidently with NexStride

30-day money-back guarantee

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