De Oro Devices Featured on Solutions that Shape the Future

In April 2021, NexStride Co-Founders and Cal Poly alumni Sidney Collin and Will Thompson showcased their revolutionary solution to Parkinson’s freezing episodes, at the 8th annual Evening of Green and Gold.

This event, hosted by Cal Poly, celebrates the innovative solutions that their students, faculty and alumni are involved with, that solve today’s problems, as well as shape the future.

The NexStride, first prototyped from a cardboard box in 2017, has now emerged as one of the most effective resources in reducing both the frequency and duration of freezing episodes in people with Parkinson’s. 

As Will describes it, “The NexStride lets people walk. People who wouldn’t otherwise be able to move around their house.  Once you see NexStride in action, you can’t say – nobody needs that. The question is more like, how do we get this product into everyone’s hands who can use it?”

Having Parkinson’s-related mobility issues does not mean your days of moving freely are behind you. Take a few minutes to learn more about De Oro Devices, how the NexStride mobility aid works, and the tremendous benefits associated with regaining the freedom to move independently. 





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