Understanding Parkinson’s Disease & Overcoming Movement Challenges

Our free downloadable ebook explains Parkinson’s in plain English, helping you to understand why movement becomes difficult, and offering practical and effective ways to retain your independence.

eBook - Understanding Parkinson's Disease and Overcoming Movement Challenges

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A diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease can be overwhelming. As you work to understand what it means for you and your family, it becomes obvious that while there’s a lot of information available, much of it is very clinical.

When you don’t know the clinical terms, it can be very difficult to understand what you’re going through, what you might expect, and how best to manage the condition to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

With this ebook, we aim to help you understand the challenges that Parkinson’s often presents. We explain why coordination and movement become so difficult, and how you can safely stay as active as possible, keeping your independence and enjoying your life.