How Nexstride Works

Our CEO and Co-founder’s expertise is in biomedical engineering and computational neuroscience. The award-winning NexStride device was developed based upon significant research and a vision to help everyone walk safely, independently, and confidently.

How NexStride Works

NexStride helps to re-establish the connection between your brain and body through light and sound sensory signals. These signals have the amazing ability to connect with the goal-oriented part of your brain. They help to re-establish brain-body connections and positively improve walking and turning, because our brains and bodies have many ways of learning.
Think of these signals like a traffic light you can control. NexStride’s on-demand signals are adjustable to the pace and stride length most comfortable for you. With just the touch of your fingertip, simply turn them on when you need them and off when you don’t. They are also completely adjustable at any time for your personal pace.

NexStride’s Signaling Mechanism

NexStride’s visual and auditory signaling helps re-establish the connection between a person’s brain and their body. Research has shown these signals can positively transform walking and to turning that for those with walking difficulties. Watch our video to see how NexStride works.

Esteemed Partnership

Over 100 peer-reviewed articles have been published showing the efficacy of NexStride’s visual and auditory cues. You can learn more by reading the following documents:

• Innovations In Cueing for Parkinson’s

• Bellevue Hospital Case Study

See How NexStride Attaches to a Walking Device

How to Attach NexStride to a Nitro Euro-style Walker

How to Attach NexStride to a Rollator Walker

How to Attach NexStride to a Four Point Cane

How to Attach NexStride Single Point Cane

Explore NexStride’s Many Features

Discreet – Compact (4.2″ x 2″ x 1.5″) and lightweight (6 oz.)

Portable – Easily to move from one walking device to another

Sound metronome with adjustable speed and volume to set your most comfortable pace any time

Green laser signal with forward-backward and side-to-side adjustments

Controller with conveniently located, easy to press on/off buttons

Attaches easily to canes, walkers, or walking poles with a diameter of 0.79″-2.5

Rechargeable battery included with 6.5 hours of use

USB wall adapter for charging

Step-by-step User Guide

FDA-registered Class 1 medical device

Free Shipping

30 Day Money Back Guarantees

30-day Money-back Guarantee

You can order NexStride and try it for 30-days. If for any reason it is not what you expected, request a return within 30 days for a prepaid shipping label and your money back (yes, we pay for shipping both ways!). That’s how confident we are that you will love the independence and freedom NexStride brings to your life. You have nothing to lose by trying it!