NexStride Resource Center

From downloadable ebooks, instructional videos and webinars to case studies conducted in physical therapy clinics, our resource center puts the information you’re looking for, at your fingertips.

Featured eBook

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and Overcoming Movement Challenges

With this plain English guide, we help you understand the challenges that Parkinson’s often presents.

We explain why coordination and movement become so difficult, and how you can safely stay as active as possible, overcoming movement challenges, keeping your independence and enjoying your life.

eBook - Understanding Parkinson's Disease and Overcoming Movement Challenges

User Guides

Our video guides provide step-by-step instructions for attaching NexStride to your preferred walker, cane or walking poles, and how to get started with the metronome (auditory cue) and laser light (visual cue).

Customer Stories

NexStride users have some wonderful stories to tell.  Here, they share details from their lives before a life-changing event, and then talk about the difference that NexStride has made for them.

Clinical Case Studies

NexStride is used in physical therapy, nursing and rehabilitation facilities across the USA.  These case studies detail specific, measured improvements achieved for patients, and illustrate how NexStride is effectively used in a clinical setting.

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Research Papers and Whitepapers

Numerous studies have shown that external cueing can improve movement by increasing body position / movement awareness, making it suitable for gait and posture rehabilitation. Additionally, cueing has also been increasingly used in helping with the initiation of a movement. Here, we’ve curated a selection of relevant research.

Educational Webinars

We frequently host educational webinars for those experiencing walking challenges, and their caregivers, as well as physio therapists.  We also take part in webinars hosted by foundations and clinics.