Jerry Peirce

Head of Business Development

Jerry Peirce looks after all things Business and Sales at De Oro Devices.

Jerry brings rich experience and direction to the team. He has spent the past two decades in the healthcare industry and has in-depth knowledge of the medical device market.

Jerry is passionate about bringing exciting new medical devices and technologies to healthcare providers and their patients. As the only product on the market with a visual and auditory cue combination, Jerry is enthusiastic about advancing NexStride to the next level. In his own words, “It is a truly remarkable device. An outstanding tool for anyone who is experiencing freezing of gait.”

With extensive business planning. marketing, sales, management leadership, commercial product development and manufacturing experience, the NexStride is in Jerry's able hands.

He is passionate about spreading the message of “Patient Safety.”  

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Jerry Peirce

The laser and metronome combination provide each individual with both a visual and auditory cue. There is nothing else on the market as versatile as the NexStride.