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Designed to be simple to use

Easy to use and even easier to love, NexStride’s adaptive design seamlessly straps onto your favorite cane, walker, or walking poles. Activate the audio cue, visual cue, or both when you want them, adjust to your preferred speed and distance, and press on through the Freezing of Gait.

Discover the NexStride Difference

Helping people defeat freezing, one step at a time.


The Science Behind NexStride

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Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's
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Want to learn more about NexStride?

“There was a significant effect of condition on first step length (P < 0.0005). Post-hoc analysis revealed a difference between the baseline and the visual cue condition (P < 0.0005). As seen in Table 3, the second step length was about 15% larger in the visual cue condition than in the baseline.”

Jiang, Y., & Norman, K.E. (2006). Effects of visual and auditory cues on gait initiation in people with Parkinson’s disease. Clinical Rehabilitation, 20(1), 36-45.

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