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What started as a project at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, today, helps Parkinson’s patients take confident strides in everyday life.

At Nexstride, our purpose drives us. Our founder, Sidney Collin, began her project based on one veteran Parkinson’s patient’s pain-points — freezing of gait (FoG). The initial prototype of the mobility device brought tremendous relief and made walking easier than before. Sidney then knew that the product she was designing had greater potential and could help other Parkinson’s patients trembling in their steps to take the next step. This realization marked the beginning of De Oro Devices — the parent company of NexStride.

Our team then began pouring hours and hours of work refining today’s NexStride. Our efforts have been recognized at various conferences and competitions, which only boosts our morale and lifts us to better the mobility device for our customers and all patients who experience Freezing of gait or Parkinsonian gait.

Some of the awards that recognized NexStride and our efforts are:


BIOMEDevice Startup Pitch Competition

We won first place at the 2019 BIOMEDevice StartUp Pitch Competition. This is our more recent win and we’re so proud of it.

Centrol Cost Angel Con

Central Coast Angel Conference

Participating in Angel Conference was an invaluable experience. Winning the first prize gave necessary funding. Such an important win this one was!

TCU Values and Ventures

TCU’s Values and Ventures Competition

Early in our NexStride journey we picked the Elevator Pitch First Place and the Marjorie and James Sly Innovation award. This recognition showed us we were on the right track.


At De Oro Devices, we build mobility solutions to empower those in need

NexStride began as a project at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.

Challenged to create a tool that would alleviate and prevent freezing of gait in a local veteran, our simple prototype gave him much needed relief. We soon realized the global potential for our product.

Our team at De Oro Devices has spent countless hours researching and refining NexStride so it is intuitive to use and blends seamlessly into daily life, ensuring optimal impact with minimal intrusion.

“The NexStride is working beautifully. She uses the word ‘amazing’. She is moving about as she hasn’t for a long time. I would describe it as transformative for us.”

~ Thomas Brown, Care Giver

Elderly Man with Walking Device

How does cueing help?

A cue is an audio, visual or audio-visual signal that helps a Parkinson’s patient re-establish a connection with neural pathways and helps treat the symptom of Freezing of Gait (FoG).

The treatment of FoG could offer a breakthrough in helping people with Parkinson’s recover their independence, restore their motor ability, and increase confidence. Sensory and auditory cueing could be the key to assisting people from experiencing this debilitating symptom.

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